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Who is Your Target Audience? Most of the time a target audience is anyone willing to spend money on your website. It needs to be broader and more specific. What is you ran a retail store and you only offered help to people with money in hand. You business would lose out on potential future customers, which can spread into many customers. Marketing and advertising are a pair that work together and help you determine your target audience.

Some common questions to help you get started down the right marketing path might include:
1. What is the geographic location I can serve or plan to serve?
Knowing where your products and services will be offered is essential.
2. Do you customers travel to you, or do you travel to them?
If travel is involved, then community values, and other bias opinions may exist outside your home town. Set distance limits if you are traveling, and be realistic about a professional environment anytime a customer travels to you.
3. Is company solely internet based? What lines of communication are available and during what hours?
Having a retail location, department based emails, a working phone system, and now social media are all great communication tools. Keep them appealing to you target audience.
4. Why does my company attract this audience?
You cannot run a successful business, if you do not know how to attract customers. The best products do not always win against better marketing. Do not sacrifice quality, but find a way to compete for the groups of people you want to target.

Remember as a website you have less than 5 seconds to gain interest before a potential custom moves to the next site. Keep their interest directly to the point and easy to find.




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