Know Your Competition and Your Uniqueness


If you are in business, then chances are you have competition. Capitalism and the free market are the starting point of advancement and new idea. Monetary incentives fuel this practice. If you are going to compete with other online businesses and storefronts you must have a niche. Great unique ideas can already be taken so be sure to act fast with proper legal rights and marketing. Your competition may sell the same products and services, but hopefully in a different way. Your products and services needs to be unique and wanted. This is an seo article, not a business article, so let us move on.

When optimizing your website for meta and on page optimization you must study the competition. Why is the other business number one on search engines? What factors does their website follow that you do not use on your website? Can you improve your ideas based on their ideas? Are you targeting the right keywords to be number one search engines? This last question can be answered by viewing results of other pages where you feel your page should be on top.

Although it may seem obvious to many business owners, it is imperative to be different and stay on top of your competition.


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