Limit and Correctly Place Ads

Do as we say, not as we do. The above ad is bad placement in the ongoing effort we call search engine optimization. There in yet another Google update for webmasters to follow. In this recent update websites with too many ads, or ads places above content, should expect to drop in rankings on search engines. The reason is for users to have a better experience and find what they want without having to scroll past advertisements. Content will always be "king", and now that content must be placed before your ads. Keeping up with these changes provided by Richland Hosting will help insure your website stays on top of the search engines.

The hypocrisy of this new update has already been pointed out by many. Search engines will place paid ads before organic rankings. It seems ok to them to do the opposite, but not us. Right now Google and other control the internet. Most users don't even use the address bar when typing a web address. The default search engine provider from the web browser takes over. These people think this is the common, proper, and correct way to find a website. It is important to stay informed and remember we all use different computers in different ways.

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