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The title tag on your website is an important location to use keywords. It should be in a format that a user will read (not spammy) and follow search engine guidelines. One of these guidelines is to make every title tag unique for every page on your website. This is also true for your meta keywords, and meta descriptions.

The title tag is important and should be used in good practice. Do not use words such as 'home' or 'page'. All top level domains make the home page easiest to find and usually the most important. All pages are a page and we do not need to know this again. It is better to use words that match your keywords which should also match your content. Leave your business name out of your title tags and use that space for search engine optimization. Title tags are read more by search engine robots than humans.

The proper character length of a title tag is highly debated. I have seen regulations saying the title tag character limit is in the high 60's. I have also seen reports of nonsense keywords on the top of search engines that are buried into the title tags over 100 characters. Search engines are always changing and it's not fair to put a limit on non time sensitive information. Do your own research, record the results, and be the best. The character depth of keywords in a title tag must be important based on constant proven results, but be sure to use what is available and do not short yourself on title tag character space.

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