SEO 2016

Getting ranked in search engines in the past would rely on hiring programmers that could manipulate website code to fit algorithms that would make Google happy. Today things have changed, (imagine that).

To get ranked for a topic you need to include keywords in some places on your website code. The content should be written naturally, using these keywords. For example if your webpage is about acupuncture, then the developer should put “acupuncture”  in the page title and other places, and the content writer should include “acupuncture” several times in the content.

The above is a MUST to get recognized, but more is required to rank higher on search engines.

The most important ranking factor is backlinks. These are links from other websites to yours. They need to be built naturally over time. If one tries to manipulate backlinks this will have a negative effect on SEO. An established site such as Google has millions of other websites linking to them. A new website must find other ways to build up, which will naturally generate backlinks.

Social media is one of the fastest ways to spread the word and get some backlinks generated. Posts, tweets, and media can include links to your site which are shared by other customers. Social media is important, and has an impact on getting your website going. Richland Hosting can manage social media sites.

Blogs, video, and unique content that is interesting will help rankings. Images should also be unique. Today we have 4k HD TV, but we still use AM radio if the content is good. The reading level of the content is also important. Reading level is based on proper spelling, punctuation, and simplicity. Richland Hosting will need content provided to take advantage of this ranking factor.

Consistent local listings are a must for any business. 408 N. St. is different from 408 North Street in the eyes of a computer. There are hundreds of companies that provide business listing services. Richland Hosting can target the major players and make your business listings a success.

Reviews are also a great way to boost rankings. When you have social media pages, and local business listings, customers can leave reviews which boost rankings.

Mobile optimization has become a must. Over 50% of customers are using mobile devices to find a business. If a website is not optimized for mobile devices it will hurt your rankings. Richland Hosting can optimize your website for all these devices.

Pay per click advertising has been a success for many companies. These are the advertisements that appear first in search results. These campaigns are managed by the providers such as Google. The Google program is called AdWords.

Richland Hosting is available to answer any questions you may have.



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